Yes, Her Name is Zai..

The Culprit.. El Culpable.. Le Coupable..

Hails from The Philippines, Zai enjoys her life to the fullest. She loves eating and lists eating as one of her favourite pastime with her friends. She is also considered the life of the group and likes to laugh a lot though she considers herself more of an introvert 90% of the time.

Zai is so fond of cats. She sometimes feels that she can understand cats and they understand her. No matter how bad her day was, once she is surrounded by cats, she feels at ease.

As a Catholic, she started serving in the Church at a tender age of four, almost a year before she even started entering school. She knows how to respect the beliefs of her non-Catholic or non-Christian friends. She believes mutual respect is needed for a harmonious relationship and things like politics and religion shouldn’t be discussed and debated.

She is also a certified bookworm and would be willing to read for hours with a good book than go shopping or partying. She feels she can get anywhere and be anyone whenever she reads a book. She can also travel around the world by just reading. She loves reading materials from romance to mystery, detective to paranormal, or even Catholic apologetics.

She loves black. Anything black. But she’s not into Gothic or Emo style, she just appreciates the depth and beauty of that shade.

Finally, she is a hopeless romantic who believes in happy ever after and will love unconditionally. She doesn’t care if her happiness is at stake as long as her loved ones are happy. She always tries to see the good in others and easily forgives whoever hurt her. She goes with Mother Teresa’s saying of “Love until it hurts..”

This soul feels she is not from this world and thinks that she is just here to explore it and know herself more.. Here, she will be able to express what’s on her mind as well as to know others’.