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On My Own And Learn To Be Lonely

How many of us have loved and was never loved in return?

An unrequited love they say is the most painful emotion a person can feel. Well, I have experienced it before and I would say after deciding to finally move on, I have gone through a lot — depression, loneliness and no longer believing in love. Those years were the darkest of my life. I hope I won’t get into that again.. I guess I won’t anymore, as until now I haven’t learned to open my heart yet and I still don’t know if I would in the future.

When I checked videos on YouTube, I stumbled across this video of Lea Salonga as Eponine singing On My Own. And it just captured the real emotions of someone having unrequited love.

The same thing with Learn To Be Lonely sang by Minnie Driver in Phantom of the Opera Movie. It tells the Phantom, Erik, that he should learn how to be lonely as life can still go on without having special someone. I’m learning it now and I hope I’ll learn it all soon.


A Poem For You..

I was on my way home one rainy morning, when words just came flowing in my mind creating a short poem about a silent and unrequited love.. It has been years since the last time I was able to compose a poem or even tried to.. I thought I’ve already forgotten about it..

Should I say the words came directly from the deepest part of my heart? I don’t know.. They say that some times, our deepest desires show like words whispered to your ears or they just cross your mind..

Yes, I admit it, I am currently in a situation wherein to do nothing is the best thing.. And moving forward would only create chaos more to myself than any other person.. Well, I guess, all I can do is just stand still and just express it here..