Atlas Film Studio..

Atlas Corporation Studio is considered the world’s largest film studio, with most of the property consists of desert and mountains. It was a long journey from Marrakech but as you entered the place, you will be taken to the wonderful world of films..

You can learn the life of a Gladiator in Rome, enter the City of Yunkai with Daenerys or escape the wrath of The Mummy with the O’Connells in Egypt..

Marrakech’s Warmth..

On our 3rd day in Morocco, we spent half of our day exploring Jardin Majorelle and the rest of the day seeing the beauty and warmth of Marrakech.. Its earth tones gave us the feeling of calmness throughout our stay..

Jardin Majorelle – Yves Saint Laurent

If we could stay here the whole day, we might had.. This is by far the most beautiful garden I have ever seen.. I’ll write a separate post about our adventure here.

The Beauty of Rabat..

A day in the lives of two Asian women when they explored Morocco’s Capital City Rabat..

Off to Morocco..

It has been long overdue for another post.. Especially a travel one. I have been to several places and saw and tasted a lot of things but I didn’t get to write about it. Before anything else, let me tell you something about Morocco. If not because I am now residing in Qatar, I would…