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Moroccan Trip for Filipinos..

Morocco is a very beautiful country that Filipinos shouldn’t miss especially that we are visa-free there! Yes. You heard it right, we, Filipinos don’t need to obtain a visa prior to travelling to Morocco.

It has been a year since our flight to Morocco. This has long been overdue but I felt I still need to provide other Filipino travellers with some helpful tips on having your Moroccan trip fun-filled and budget-friendly. Continue reading Moroccan Trip for Filipinos..

Off to Morocco..

It has been long overdue for another post.. Especially a travel one. I have been to several places and saw and tasted a lot of things but I didn’t get to write about it.

Before anything else, let me tell you something about Morocco. If not because I am now residing in Qatar, I would never be familiar with this nice country. When I first met people from this country, I thought it was located somewhere in Europe or a small country in the Arab region since they speak Arabic. Continue reading Off to Morocco..