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A Loud And Pampered Lady — Guedy Del Rio..

She’s too loud..

She loves to share her faith.

Hitting others is so natural to her just like breathing when she’s excited.

She is Maria Agueda Duque Del Rio.

I’ve known her for 3 years now and though just like me, she is one of the oldest in our group, she acts like she is the youngest. Well, she is a pampered lady in her own family. She always gets what she wants.

But just like a kid, immature as we may say, but she also shows the strength and will of a young person. Determined to get whatever she wanted and will stand by it no matter what. She doesn’t like showing weakness to others.

We may always have some misunderstandings due to a clash of our differences, we have lots of common traits as well. We still end up as being close friends and sisters even if now are apart. She now works in Eastwood and has never met each other since she resigned in January. But still keeping the lines open through text and social media.

Today is your day Agueda, and now, you are already 30! Nyahaha! Welcome to the world of single women in their 30s! Let’s not lose hope and keep the faith!


Regrets, You Say? Nah..

Feeling Lost and Tired..
Feeling Lost and Tired..

Regrets? I am full of them. I couldn’t even remember the very first time I had it.

In this life, we can never live without having regrets in our decisions once in a while. They help us grow and learn from our mistakes. They go hand in hand with experience as great teachers.

Recently, I made some hasty decisions based on my emotion and though I couldn’t say I have fully regretted everything that happened, it still bothers me a lot. It really felt different when I was currently in that situation compared to when I was already out of it. My thoughts and logical reasoning had been clouded and though I know things will never be the same after that, I still went on and followed my feelings. And yes, I was correct that nothing will ever be the same again.

From the instance that moment is over, the people involved suddenly changed. A 360 degrees full turn was evident but still trying to be oblivious about it. It’s like each second was so crucial and whatever remarks given would be too much to handle. Ego and Pride became too friendly that no one would take the blame or just admit that there was something wrong done.

I was hoping it’ll eventually pass and things will be back to how they were before – or so I thought.

Days passed and my mind has already accepted the fact that I can no longer change anything and just have to move on and continue my life. That these things were meant to happen to give me lessons to learn. But it becomes difficult if those around you are no longer the same as they used to be. That suddenly, those people who you thought would be nonchalant and would just brush it off became awkward and aloof. You tried to reach out and come to an agreement but to no avail.

I felt like a rag doll thrown at the corner of the room. Something that is no longer of use. A rag doll who can’t do anything since the decision is no longer hers. And just waiting for the right moment for someone to pick her up from that corner and give her the time and affection that was previously provided to her. Just like a good old friend.

This rag doll is not expecting anything nor hoping something will come up. She is just wishing that everything will go back to how it was before and remove all the awkwardness. Regrets happen and they happen a lot of time. And sulking isn’t the best approach. Accepting and moving on are much better options.

Never So Far — Hazel Block..

She is always there to give us an advice.. She is the youngest among our group but she scolds us as if she is the oldest.. Well, based on experiences in life, we really think, she may have gone farther than what we have.. She has been through life’s difficult trials and successfully conquered them..


At 26, I can say that her maturity is incomparable to us, like, she’s already in her mid-30s.. Well, we knew that having Draye really pushed her maturity in full blast as well as being the elder daughter of a single mom..

Being her friend for two years, she proved to be a true and trusted friend.. She never hesitates in telling what’s right and what’s wrong and her opinions.. She has her own understanding of things and she’ll take a stand..

Recently, she made a very big change on her life — going to Canada for the first time and will be living there from now on.. Leaving her mom, sister, nephew, son Draye and hubby Rye.. Spending her first birthday last February 3 away from them.. But definitely, she faced it with much courage and said that she is doing it for their own sake and her future..

We miss her so much but because of the help of technology, we are now able to get in touch with her through emails, calls, video calls in Skype and Viber.. Though they are not enough but still, it makes us be closer to her..

I, we, love Hazie so much and though we hope that we’ll see her again, we of course hope for the best for her to fulfill her dreams in Canada..


February is your month girl!

We love you gurl! Good luck! And see you soon!

Spark, Magic and Love…

Take me to your heart,
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love..

All the stars are right,
Every wish is ours tonight, my love..

Pity those who wait,
Trusting love to fate
Finding out too late that they’ve lost it..

Never letting go,
They will never know the ways of love..

Got to believe in magic
Tell me how two people find each other
In a world that’s full of strangers..

You’ve got to believe in magic
Something stronger than the moon above
‘Cause it’s magic when two people fall in love..

I may never know,
Why I need you so
All I need to know is this feeling..

Handle it with care,
We were born to share this dream my love..

I guess everyone knows that this is a song by David Pomeranz titled Got To Believe.. Yes, it has been running through my mind for days now.. Maybe the local show of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla having the same title adds up to the retention of the song on my mind..

Is it really like magic? Having two people, total strangers, meet and fall in love? Is it really destiny that made them finally bumped to each other and fall to each other’s arms?

I have written before about films having this kind of themes — destiny, kismet, fate, serendipity — whatever you call it.. I am still amazed whenever I see those films and wonder if the same applies to me.. That someday, out from nowhere, I’ll meet that person whom I am destined with..

I am also curious if people really believe in “love at first sight” or if people believe that love develops and blooms as you get to know the other person more..

I asked two of my good friends (a guy and a lady), which they do believe in — “love at first sight” or “love that developed and bloomed”.. One is currently single and the other is engaged.. And it kinda amazed me of their answers and opinion on this..


Hazel, Engaged“I don’t believe in love at first sight.. It still boils down to personality.. Beauty fades but a good personality remains until the end.. Love at first sight is just superficial..”


Dino, Single — “It’s not really love at first sight but more of an attraction, an interest.. Of course, if you meet someone, there are times that it’ll spark an interest for you to know the person more.. So, you’ll try to get close to the person, befriend her and see if you two could be a match.. For me, as I understand with love that developed and bloomed, you started out as being friends and then eventually feelings developed into more than friends..”

Two different opinions yet both of them have a point.. Maybe “love at first sight” is too shallow and can’t be called love but merely an attraction at first.. A spark.. Then from there is where the magic starts..

But then again.. We could still consider it magical since in this world of 7.1 B people, two souls found their match whom they’ll be able to spend forever.. Hehehe.. Soul mates..

So, it will start with spark, an interest to this person which would push you to get to know them more.. Then, if both have similarities, it becomes magical that they started to compliment each other.. Not knowing that, the spark became magical then blossomed to becoming love.. 🙂