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Argan Moroccan Restaurant

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. How about to a woman’s heart? I can say it is the same – food, and it should be good food.

A few days ago, we went to a Moroccan restaurant here in Doha. This has been a long overdue plan because we either didn’t have time to go or when we did have, the restaurant is closed. Finally, we both had the time then and the restaurant was open even if it was late afternoon on a Monday. Continue reading Argan Moroccan Restaurant

My Life in Qatar

It will be six months tomorrow when Rai and I first stepped on this middle eastern country. A lot of things happened and it was like a 360° turn for both us. Everything was life-changing.

First, we are newbies when it comes to travelling abroad. Rai only had her first out of the country last year in Malaysia and me in Thailand so we are not that much acquainted with different cultures and people. Continue reading My Life in Qatar