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Birthday Countdown..

Haist! I’ll be 31 in exactly a month from now!

Though I don’t mind getting older every year (it’s part of life you know, you can’t escape from it), but still, there are things I hope won’t pass by so quickly.. People or feelings I wish would just stay forever.. But just like age, the other thing constant is change..

Hmmm.. Any plans before the big day? Nope..

Just like the previous years, nothing planned in particular.. It’s just another day for me aside from the additional greetings and teasing for beer and party.. Nope.. I won’t budge even if you push harder peeps! Bwahaha!

Raissa, my co-worker and friend, and I, always have a small pizza party for our teams during our birthdays.. She celebrates her birthday a week prior to mine, so we usually hold our pizza party in between.. Last year, we had a Japanese-Italian themed gathering — several boxes of pizza and mojos, cakes together with sushis and makis..

Now, we still don’t have plans on what we would bring for our birthdays but we will surely have to do something.. It has been a tradition at the office though it’s one of those pocket-wrecking moment.. Nyahaha..


Never So Far — Hazel Block..

She is always there to give us an advice.. She is the youngest among our group but she scolds us as if she is the oldest.. Well, based on experiences in life, we really think, she may have gone farther than what we have.. She has been through life’s difficult trials and successfully conquered them..


At 26, I can say that her maturity is incomparable to us, like, she’s already in her mid-30s.. Well, we knew that having Draye really pushed her maturity in full blast as well as being the elder daughter of a single mom..

Being her friend for two years, she proved to be a true and trusted friend.. She never hesitates in telling what’s right and what’s wrong and her opinions.. She has her own understanding of things and she’ll take a stand..

Recently, she made a very big change on her life — going to Canada for the first time and will be living there from now on.. Leaving her mom, sister, nephew, son Draye and hubby Rye.. Spending her first birthday last February 3 away from them.. But definitely, she faced it with much courage and said that she is doing it for their own sake and her future..

We miss her so much but because of the help of technology, we are now able to get in touch with her through emails, calls, video calls in Skype and Viber.. Though they are not enough but still, it makes us be closer to her..

I, we, love Hazie so much and though we hope that we’ll see her again, we of course hope for the best for her to fulfill her dreams in Canada..


February is your month girl!

We love you gurl! Good luck! And see you soon!

Raissa — A Silent Yet Brillant Soul..

Raissa Edsel Camille Marcial Gerones — whew!! What a name!! Her parents might have been too happy that she came into their lives that they gave her the best names they could think of.. Hehehe..

Well, any parents would be too lucky to have such wonderful and smart young lady as their first born, wouldn’t they?

This lady with a very long name is fondly called Rai, by her friends, or Camille, for those who are more than friends.. Hahaha!! But definitely, this girl is one hell-of-a-head-turner.. She probably doesn’t know or hardly aware of it, but her simple beauty captures a lot of those guys’ eyes.. Well, now she knows!!!

We also love to call her Madame, because she seldom speaks but once she gave her opinion, everybody listens.. Maybe because, though she isn’t the oldest, she acts as the ‘big sister’ of the group.. She is the most rational among us, I guess.. Hehehe..

She is also our jack-of-all-trades.. Our financier if we got short of money, buys the food we ordered yet decided not to eat, or goods that we didn’t like in the end.. A certified bookworm as well, she exhibits a complete woman who has vast knowledge on almost everything..

Well, for us, she is just Rai — a silent girl who sits beside Hazel on a place we call Bermuda.. Hehehe.. Because most of the time, one of them just suddenly disappears without the other being aware of.. Rai who always try to understand us and always keeps her cool no matter how bad the situation is.. I never saw her lose her temper since the day I met her..

Now is your day girl.. Keep that cool and enjoy!!

Happy Birthday Rai!! Love yah girl!!

Happy Birthday Rai!!

Happy Birthday Gerent Friedrich!!!

My nephew Gerent is now 5 years old today.. Wow! Five years already passed by and I haven’t noticed it.. The baby is now a school boy who recently got perfect scores on English and Science (well, got that from me I guess! Nyahahaha!), and only 5 mistakes out of 50 in Math and Filipino (not so good in Filipino as well!).. Next year he’ll be a 1st Grader already!!

Happy Birthday Gerent!! Tita Nangnang loves you!

Gerent at One..
Gerent at One and a half..
Gerent at Five..



Jione Donnery Palma — My Brother In Christ..

Deej, as I fondly call him, is just like any other ordinary Am-Boy at first look.. Speaks fluent English, dyed hair, confidence overload–a typical Filipino guy who came from the US.. But I can definitely say to you people, this is one amazing soul..

A person who experienced the life of so-called “The American Dream”, he chose to go back to his motherland Philippines and reconnect to his roots.. Though after 3 years of continuous stay he still has problems with his Tagalog, Deej, reaches out to anyone using his heart and soul..

As a Catholic, he shares Jesus in a very knowledgeable but compassionate way.. He’s the person who encouraged me to renew my Faith and helped me all the way.. He saw me laughed out loud but also saw me cried and poured out my emotions but never judged me..

A family man who loves his wifey Ads, and his kiddo (my godson!!) Aedn, more than himself.. He puts God and their faith to the center of his family which makes them stronger and happier..

He loses his temper sometimes, mostly to people with authority (Police, Guards, MMDAs), I don’t know why, but still tries to understand them and see the situation in a different light..

A friend who will not leave you and not hold your hand but instead lead you to Jesus’ hands for comfort..

I truly appreciate your presence in my life as a good friend and guide as I walk in this temporary path called life..

Happy Birthday Deejei!!