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Kids At Heart..

We spent 3 weeks in Bangkok last November 2015 right before we went here in Doha. Bangkok is a city very much alive at night and lots of places to go during the wee hours.

Being introverts and a little sociophobics, we never went out at night unless we had to buy food at 7-11 or from one of the street vendors. But we heard there is one good place to go at night though it is open all-day long.. It is the Hello Kitty House! Continue reading Kids At Heart..

Bangkok Trip 2015

Hey Guys! Months have passed since the last time I posted something on my blog. Or was it a year already? Anyway. I’m back to write about my first travel overseas to (drum rolls please!) — Bangkok, Thailand!

This magnificent city offers a breath of fresh air for those who came from Europe or the Americas as this is somehow a little bit laid-back for them. For those who are from Asia (like me!), it’s like you are still home but with few differences. Continue reading Bangkok Trip 2015