Culprit Facts 101

We all have these certain habits or behaviors that are somehow out-of-this-world.. Here are some funny or weird facts about me..

> I can’t sleep without a mosquito net (kulambo, in Filipino), I don’t hang it to keep away mosquitoes but instead I use it as a blanket. I fall asleep easily whenever I rub my feet to it.

> I still use a blanket, though I don’t use it to cover my body against the cold. I keep it folded and use to cover my face while sleeping with just enough space for me to breathe.

> I sleep with lots of pillows. There should be one each for my head and feet, and on both sides and another for me to hug.

> I love eating chocolate porridge (champorado) matched with dried fish (tuyo). Best match!

> I’m not into using a particular brand of shampoo. When I buy mine, I usually get whichever that interests me that time.. If I don’t have my supply anymore, whatever brand there is in the bathroom, I’ll use it.

> I love eating hotdogs, fried fish, omelet, bacon/ham or anything fried together with rice and then coffee or milo poured to rice..

> I like cooking but not baking.. I think my specialty is Sinigang na Baboy and Ginisang Togue..

> I love buying girly shoes–mary janes, high heels or wedge.. I have more than a dozen pairs.. But mostly, not wearing them.. I still prefer wearing sneakers or, at the office, flats.. I do sometimes wear high heels at the office but I really have to endure the pain and cramps from walking..

> I don’t believe that people have different strengths or weaknesses.. I believe that we are all born in this world equipped with all the same characteristics given to us by God but as we grow older, and through the influence of the society and people around us, we enhance some of those and leave other traits hidden.. Those traits we use at the right time, right place and for the right reasons become our ‘what they call’ strengths.. And those we don’t try to develop or afraid to show, become our weaknesses.. But each person is capable of doing whatever another person can do..

> I am a certified part of the Peter Pan Generation.. I am turning 30, single, working.. But still living with my dad and elder sisters.. Still enjoying life and no plans of marriage in the near future (or no more!?).. I guess the responsibility of having your own family is too much to bear for me..

> People say I’m a little bit tomboyish.. When it comes to sports, I never got interested with sports that are somehow girlish for me like gymnastics, volleyball or swimming.. I grew up watching kung fu movies, WWF (love Hulk Hogan!) and basketball.. So when I got into sports, I chose Taekwondo..

> But the girly side of me shows when it comes to movies.. Aside from watching kung fu movies of Jet Li and Jackie Chan (it runs in the blood, I guess), I prefer chick flicks like Notting Hill, Serendipity and Dirty Dancing(?).. Super love animated films as well like Despicable Me, Beauty and the Beast and Anastasia..

> I think I’m an old soul when it comes music.. Unlike most people my age, I am into 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s genre.. Well, from The Vogues to The Beatles, Jackson 5 to Earth, Wind and Fire, Christopher Cross to Stephen Bishop, or rock ballads of Chicago to Journey and Wilson Phillips and Boyzone of the 90s, old school they may say but definitely a big part of my life..

> Since we’re talking about music, whenever I go out or in public, almost all the time, earphones are plugged into my ears and as if I have no care in the world and walking with my eyes looking down..

> When I was in grade school, I tried learning several musical instruments but I guess being musically-inclined is never part of my genes.. I tried playing the piano, guitar and organ but all efforts failed and though I learned some, there wasn’t a spark for me to continue that musical path..

> I enjoyed Math and English when I was still studying but very average in Filipino.. I consider Math same as playing scavenger hunt.. Yes, I am a Filipino, but I find Filipino subject too hard.. Believe me, my foreign friends, speaking is easier but written is so hard.. Aarrgghhh…

> I was a certified nerd then.. A big bag with all my books though we had our lockers at school.. I felt I was lacking something if all my books were not with me.. But I never liked studying at home, I believed that since we already exhausted ourselves studying at school, why study at home? Hehehe.. But I can say that there wasn’t a year from pre-school to high school I never went up the stage.. 😛

> I would say I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert person.. Most think I’m extroverted because I am loud, I love laughing and telling jokes and somehow a people-person, they don’t know that I’d rather be on my own alone, reading books or just listening to music.. That I am more at peace with silence and being one with my thoughts..

Whew! Those were quite a number.. Hehe.. Well, I am not yet done but I’ll park my fingers here for a moment.. We still have lots of time to do another post like this.. And also, I might discover new weird things about myself.. Life is just beginning..