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The Conjuring — Worth Every Gasp..


I just finished watching The Conjuring using my LG Optimus Vu.. I had the opportunity to watch it in a bigger screen but I preferred to use my earphones to take advantage of the Dolby Surround capability of my 5.3″ phone and the 4:3 view.. Hehe..

Actually, I heard a lot about the movie from my colleagues and told me that it’s a nice film since it doesn’t only tackle about the hauntings but also the Catholic faith because of the participation of the Warren couple who are demonologists and devout Catholics.. Continue reading The Conjuring — Worth Every Gasp..

Starbucks Gift Card

Finally got my own Starbucks Card!!

For just Php300 (around $7), you can get your own Starbucks Card and use the same amount to purchase your favorite beverage and earn your stars.. And once you registered, you will be rewarded a Grande drink of your choice plus a treat on your birth month.. Isn’t it nice!?

And every time you present your card for purchases, you’ll earn your stars wherein once you reached 12 stars, you can redeem it for your fave beverage.. You can also earn stars by buying coffee beans and VIA.. Aaawwww… That’s why I love Starbucks!!