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Argan Moroccan Restaurant

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. How about to a woman’s heart? I can say it is the same – food, and it should be good food.

A few days ago, we went to a Moroccan restaurant here in Doha. This has been a long overdue plan because we either didn’t have time to go or when we did have, the restaurant is closed. Finally, we both had the time then and the restaurant was open even if it was late afternoon on a Monday. Continue reading Argan Moroccan Restaurant

A Weekend Of Romantic Movies..

“When you know that you know, who you love, you can’t deny it.. You go back, you give up, or pretend you don’t buy it..” (When You Know by Shawn Colvin)

I have watched Serendipity more than a dozen times but it still makes my heart burst with emotions and my eyes teary.. It is just simply so endearing..

Is it true that we do have this certain person we are destined to be with? A soul mate per sé? Continue reading A Weekend Of Romantic Movies..

A Nice Stay at Zpad Residences Tacloban..

Up to the last week, I was still not sure if I could make it to Tacloban.. My dad was telling me not to go since I’d be alone and he thought I can’t manage on my own.. Whuaaattt!? I am now 30 years old and I guess I am old enough to travel on my own.. Well, I did..

On September 14th, we landed at Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport at 10:25AM, the exact time indicated in the ticket as arrival, though we were delayed 15 minutes on our departure in Manila.. I love TigerAir Philippines for the smooth ride and landing.. Continue reading A Nice Stay at Zpad Residences Tacloban..

Into Great Silence — One Of The Best..

“Anyone who does not give up all he has cannot be my disciple.” ~ Luke 14:33

Definitely once in a lifetime documentary..


No top-of-the-line camera, no modulated voice for a narrator, no world renowned actors to act–just fresh, unadulterated, camera-recorded documentary..

Philip Gröning, a German filmmaker, first asked permission in 1984 to document the daily lives of the monks of the Carthusian Order–one of the most ascentic and contemplative religious orders.. He was told they were not yet ready and it wasn’t the right time then.. He was told maybe in 10 or 13 years, and Gröning had almost forgotten about it.. 16 years after, he received a call that they are now ready..

Gröning spent 6 months in the monastery, and only brought some of his basic recording equipment.. He lived just like how the monks are living as he recorded their daily lives.. It really opened his eyes as to how these great men live their lives in the mountains..

The monks follow the rules of St. Bruno, a strict vow of poverty.. The monks have their own daily chores and responsibilities, eat the fruits and vegetables from their own garden and bread they made on their own.. They sleep using a pillow made out of hay straw, same thing with their bed–filled with hay straw and just covered with a plain white cloth.. They follow a strict rule of silence and prayer, as soon as they have been accepted in the order on probation, they will commit their lives to eternal prayer and joyful penitence..


The monks don’t talk to each other as they are in constant prayer even if they are working.. They have time once a week to speak with other monks or go out of the monastery to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.. So cute to hear the monks talk and catch up with each other–they are discussing about the paragraphs on the religious books they read the whole week and the situation of other monasteries!! It is so refreshing to see the younger ones go out and play in the snow and laugh!! Or the old monk feeding the cats in the monastery and trying to play with them using a teddy bear (funny and so uberly cute)!! To see these holy men who secluded their lives and offer prayers for the world enjoying themselves, really makes my heart flutter and to know they are still human somehow.. To know that if they can do it, and offer their lives in prayer, why can’t we spend a small time in our busy lives to pray?


These men who followed God’s calling and left behind whatever good future they might have had.. Men who left all they have even their families forever, to follow God to inner holiness.. To offer eternal prayers and joyful penitence for the whole world..

I wasn’t surprised to know that this documentary, though it lacks all the necessities of a good production, still emerged to be a good choice by film critics.. It is raw, pure and was created just as how Gröning saw them by his own eyes..


For me, seeing this was a pure pleasure.. Others may not appreciate it at first, but if you open your eyes, ears and mind to this film, you will understand how it was praised all over the world.. It enlightened me as to how much I have been living my life in this fast-paced world..

Such a life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime thing..

Kanto Freestyle — Not Your Typical Breakfast

Who would have thought that there is an eatery that serves hotel/restaurant-like dishes? I mean, a typical Filipino eatery (carinderia), that is located in the side street in a residential area, with only folding wooden tables and monoblock chairs to use for their customers? No airconditioning or any intricate designs around for your eyes to feast while eating, but instead, you can choose either to eat in a table on the side of the street fronting the eatery or be seated on a small room previously used as an internet cafe..

Last week, my friend Hazel and I went to Kanto Freestyle and tried some of the food that they have there.. We have been hearing a lot of good reviews about this eatery that we can’t help but try it ourselves.. Even if we are so sleepy and almost lost our way going there, still, we pushed through..

Hazel and I ordered Tuyo Flakes with Kesong Puti, Batangas Tapa with Garlic Rice, Crispy Pork Belly and Fried Oreos for dessert.. Hazel finished her Tuyo Flakes while I had Batangas Tapa, then we shared both the Crispy Pork Belly and Fried Oreos.. We liked all the main dishes especially the slices of tomatos with pesto but was a little off with the Fried Oreos.. For us, though it was good, it was a little greasy once you take a bite.. It might have been deep fried and wasn’t drained much..

imageOverall, we would still want to go back and try other food they offer.. But we know that we have to endure again the long queue and the possibility of waiting for a table to be available.. Still, you can’t find a similar place like this anywhere in the metro..