Black — This Is Me!!

Personality Color Black

While you may not exhibit all the character traits of a personality color black as listed here, if black is your favorite color you will find yourself somewhere in the description. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly when you are stressed.

Having a personality color black means that prestige and power are important to you.

You are independent, strong-willed and determined and like to be in control of yourself and situations.

As a lover of black you may be conservative and conventional – black is restricting and contained.

You may be too serious for your own good – bring some colour into your life to lighten you up – life should be fun.

You may appear intimidating to even your closest colleagues and friends, with an authoritarian, demanding and dictatorial attitude.

As a personality color black, you are non-emotional and give the appearance of a dignified and sophisticated person who is in total control – this is often a front as you may feel quite insecure in the company of sophisticated and cultured VIP’s and upper class people.

You like to keep people at a distance, guarding your emotions and creating an impenetrable barrier between yourself and others.

You may be looking for protection from any negativity that surrounds you.

You may wish to create an aura of mystery and intrigue, as in the sexy black negligee.

You may be going through a stage of self-denial, not allowing pleasure and joy into your life.

You hold things inside and are not good at sharing yourself with others, possibly out of fear.

You are methodical in your work, making sure everything is completed as required, down to the last detail.

It may be a color of comfort to you, allowing you to retreat and hide from the real world.

You may be a teenager or young adult hiding behind black while searching for your own identity or your own true colors.

You may be rebelling against society or your family.

You may have lost sight of your direction in life and are going through a very negative phase.

You may be suppressing your own desires and aspirations.

You may be retreating behind black during a difficult time in your life such as a serious illness or a period of grief – black protects, allowing for a deep inner healing without interference from others.