Mark Ruffalo Made Me Do It!

A good movie makes the audience feel like they’ve journeyed with the characters.

Rich Moore

It’s the weekend! And what’s the best way to spend it other than watching romantic movies, right?

The last time I posted about my weekend binge-watching was nine years ago (link here) when I had a marathon of romantic movies such as Serendipity, Dirty Dancing and The Lake House. I remember it was a rainy day, and the gloomy weather was a factor that made me decide it was a good time to watch movies.

This time, Mark Ruffalo made me do it. I have watched his Avengers films, and he has this aura of a nice-guy-next-door with a bit-of-a-lisp voice that hooks you more to him. He looks so sweet and cute in front of the camera. Who can resist the charm of this 54-year-old guy? I couldn’t. So, I started checking out his old romantic movies as I wasn’t familiar with him before the MCU films.

First on my list is his 2005 romantic/fantasy film with Reese Witherspoon — “Just Like Heaven”. A story about a workaholic ER doctor who had a tragic accident that put her into a coma and a landscape architect who continues to grieve for his dead wife for the past two years.

They look so good on screen together.

The movie is just 95 minutes long (1 hr 35 mins), but there were no dull or unnecessary scenes. Because of that, the film seemed so short, and you would be longing for more of Lizzie and David. I wish they could have extended a little bit of the sweet interactions between the two leads or more scenes for the weird, funny guy from the bookstore. But all in all, the movie is fun. I’d give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Next on our list is “13 Going On 30”, starring Jennifer Garner and, of course, our beloved Marky. This fantasy romantic comedy film is about a 13-year-old girl in 1987 who wishes to be “30, flirty and thriving” and finds herself 17 years later in 2004 with no memories of the past.

The movie is centred mainly on Jenna Rink, Garner’s character, and her struggles with being an adult juggling work-life balance. Yes, Mark Ruffalo is her leading man, but he is just there on the sidelines, more of a supporting character, not a co-lead. His scenes were not that many, but every time he appeared, I couldn’t help but feel elated since Mark is so cute, and he personifies the perfect partner. I love the Thriller dance they did, and who would have thought that Mark Ruffalo could dance?

The Thriller Dance

The movie is your typical chick flick of the 1990s and early 2000s but still brings to the table what it does best — make the audience relate and fall in love with the characters. It is still entertaining to watch though I wanted more Jenna and Matt scenes, and for this reason, I’ll rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Last on our list is “Begin Again”, released in 2013, with co-star Keira Knightley. This one is a gem for me. The story is a musical drama about a broke but talented record producer and a brokenhearted musician from London. Mark is the main character, not just a leading man or a supporting cast, and the story revolves around the two of them. It’s an outstanding balance of musical and slight drama, and sometimes comedy courtesy of James Corden, who plays Keira’s best friend and a British musician who was trying his luck in the big apple.

The whole soundtrack is superb from the very start and having Adam Levine play the ex-boyfriend and singer made it more appealing. Keira’s voice has this innocence and soothing appeal that makes you listen to her when she sings. When she sang “A Step You Can’t Take Back”, I was glued to the screen, and I knew I would like the movie. Add “Lost Stars”, both Keira’s and Adam’s versions, and I knew I was hooked.

I was rooting for them to be together, even if Mark’s character is, undoubtedly, more than a decade older than Keira’s. Their chemistry is so good and how they look at each other makes you feel in love. There were several moments in the film that you know they somehow got attracted to each other but never got the chance to pursue it. In a scene when they were bidding goodbye and Gretta, Keira’s character, held Dan’s hand and looked at him lovingly but didn’t say anything.

You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.” ~ Dan Mulligan, Begin Again

Overall it is a perfect movie, and I enjoyed it a lot. The only disappointing thing for me is the part he didn’t get to be with her, and Dan returned to his wife and daughter. I guess that is just proper; maybe I just really wanted them to end up together. Anyway, with a great storyline and soundtrack, I’m giving it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ just because, again, I wanted them together. 😂

I watched another movie with Mark in it but decided not to continue after around 20 minutes because it seemed the plot was not for me. The film is “Rumor Has It” starring Jennifer Aniston, and Mark plays his lawyer fiance. It was inspired by the novel and 1967 film The Graduate but taken in a more comedic way. I don’t want to rate it since I didn’t finish it, but even if I did, sure, the rating won’t be as good as the ones above.

For me, Fridays are days when you can spend your whole day watching movies and doing nothing. Saturdays are the days for chores and moving around the house. With that being said, I guess my Friday this week is well-spent. I got to watch my current on-screen crush, Mark Ruffalo and was also able to write my blog. It is, indeed, a productive weekend, and Mark Ruffalo made me do it. 😍

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