Argan Moroccan Restaurant

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. How about to a woman’s heart? I can say it is the same – food, and it should be good food.

A few days ago, we went to a Moroccan restaurant here in Doha. This has been a long overdue plan because we either didn’t have time to go or when we did have, the restaurant is closed. Finally, we both had the time then and the restaurant was open even if it was late afternoon on a Monday.

The place is located in Souq Waqif which is a marketplace for traditional items as well as a tourist attraction. The façade is not too fancy and only the name is shown outside. Once you enter their main door, you will be greeted by their small foyer/waiting area that has small couches that customers can also use to eat or have their tea. Then there is another door leading to the main dining area with a very nice salon in the middle.

We ordered Lamb Tajine with Artichoke and Peas and Dejaj Mhammer as our main dishes. The tajines already include bread but since I couldn’t eat without rice, I had to order Saffron Rice for me. Both the lamb and chicken tajines were so good that my boyfriend finished two batches of bread (like 2 big pieces of bread per serving) and I finish my rice. They were so tasty and well-cooked that the meat easily falls apart even just using your fork.

After our early dinner, we transferred to the salon in the middle of the restaurant to have our Moroccan Tea. The couches are so colorful and you’d feel you are really in a riad in Marrakech. I think they love the reddish and lavender shades and they really are a good combination and pleasing to the eyes.

As usual, Moroccan Tea is heavenly every time I have it. The minty taste and its sweetness is heaven to our palates and we didn’t stop until we finished the medium-sized pot. The comfortable couch plus a very nice Moroccan Tea made us a little sleepy as if we wanted to stay there to have a quick nap. But since we had prior engagements, we really needed to go early.

When we saw the bill, it was not shocking, unlike other restaurants that you will need to look twice and verify each one on the list. Here, once my beau saw it, he just showed it to me then paid it. We said everything was worth it — good food, nice staff, and great ambiance — what else would you ask for?

We enjoyed every bit of time we stayed there. We enjoyed the food and of course, we enjoyed each other’s company, spending our time together. We felt we were already in Morocco having our vacation together. We left the place with full tummies and happy hearts. We will definitely come back.

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