Ramdom Thoughts..

Heart.  The main human organ which the foremost responsibility is to pump blood to all parts of the body. They say that as long as your heart is beating, you are alive.

Heart. The embodiment of Love. All the emotions and feelings of a human, they say, come from the heart. The centre of the human body which is also the cradle of love.

Brain. Another main human organ that directs all other internal organs of their specific functions and duties. It is where intellect and knowledge are stored and memories kept. It controls everything in our body including the heart but the heart can stand on its own.

Brain. To help us in our reasoning and logic that sometimes our heart overlooks. It gives us facts for us to see the realities we sometimes refuse to believe. It is only the thing during our darkest times that keeps us insane until we decided to give up and ignore its rational suggestions.

Does the brain control the heart? Or the heart can live without the brain? Or both need each other to survive?

Something just made me think of today. 🤔🤔🤔

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