I Am..

I am staring at nothing.
I am waiting for nothing.
I am just too tired to look away.
Tired to move. Tired to get up.

Where are my feelings?
I forgot where I left them.
I feel so empty and hollow..
It’s like the world is revolving and I just need to go with it.
Without any purpose and direction to go.

I have loved someone and gave my all.
I emptied myself until there’s nothing more.
I was waiting for him to fill me with his love.
As I have given to him, somehow I hoped I will be loved.
I guess I wasn’t and will never be enough.

I didn’t know what I have ever done.
To deserve such bad treatment from people.
To bleed, left and broken like something worthless.
I only did what I know, and that is to love.
Being loyal and honest, should I stop?

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