Kids At Heart..

We spent 3 weeks in Bangkok last November 2015 right before we went here in Doha. Bangkok is a city very much alive at night and lots of places to go during the wee hours.

Being introverts and a little sociophobics, we never went out at night unless we had to buy food at 7-11 or from one of the street vendors. But we heard there is one good place to go at night though it is open all-day long.. It is the Hello Kitty House!

It is located at the back of Siam Square One and it is frequented by people both young and young at hearts. And we decided to go there.

When we saw the place, we felt like kids again!! How much we love Hello Kitty (yes, ‘love’ not ‘loved’ coz we love her forever!) and even though we were already in front of the establishment, we almost ran to the door due to too much excitement.

Hello Kitty House’s facade


We immediately entered the place and was so amazed!!! All pink and so many Hello Kitty items in the café!! Yipee!!! We tried to contain and calm ourselves coz we would definitely look like fools there.

Hello Kitty food items.


We checked the items at the counter. The pancake package cost THB 260 (hot drink) and THB 290 (frappe or iced drinks). That is around PHP 400-450 in our money. A little expensive for Filipinos but you don’t need to go here every day. Once is enough to experience it.

One of the tables for big groups.


The food is your average pancake and coffee.. Nothing impressive in the taste, but whoah! The presentation is so nice you wouldn’t want to eat at all and just stare at it. But of course, we had to since PHP 400 was a lot of money for us guys then who were stranded in Bangkok.

The Breakfast Plate.

When we finished eating, we looked around the place. Aside from the Café, they also have a Hello Kitty Shop where you can buy HK items (still expensive!) like bags for around PHP 5,000! We just feasted ourselves and rode in the HK car instead.

Raissa trying to drive.
It was my turn.


They also have a Spa but at that time it was past 7pm already and was closed. But we asked how much are the treatments and we were informed about THB 600 and up for massage only. We decided never to try it. Hehehe.

It was a nice experience since Hello Kitty has always been a big part of every girl’s childhood including us. We never thought we could find one here in Bangkok as we always thought the Hello Kitty craze is only in Japan and it’s too expensive to go there.

If you ever go to Bangkok and you are a young at heart or with your kids, it is imperative to visit the Hello Kitty House.

With Hello Kitty’s Mama and Papa..

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