They say you can’t choose the person you will love.. You will just feel it and you can’t escape it.. The more you try to suppress the feelings, the more it engulfs you.. You can’t choose love, it chooses you..

Sometimes, the person you are destined to love is just right under your nose — a long time friend or acquaintance.. Sometimes, he just happens to come along and be a good friend, no intention of being in a relationship.. Continue reading Choice..

Handel’s Messiah Concert..

We were just there to attend a Mass. We have never thought that we would be treated to a marvelous night of classical performance from Thailand’s best ~ Bangkok Combined Choir, Bangkok International Community Orchestra, National Artist for a Conductor, and great Thai classical singers ~ free admission!!! ☺

We were taken to a 2 1/2 hour heavenly oratorio of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah. A Special Program: Around the Christmas Tree & Christmas Festival 2015.

Here, Cutie Tenor Kittin Suchato singing Come Ye My People.

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Kids At Heart..

We spent 3 weeks in Bangkok last November 2015 right before we went here in Doha. Bangkok is a city very much alive at night and lots of places to go during the wee hours.

Being introverts and a little sociophobics, we never went out at night unless we had to buy food at 7-11 or from one of the street vendors. But we heard there is one good place to go at night though it is open all-day long.. It is the Hello Kitty House! Continue reading Kids At Heart..