I Am Now Happy..

It’s almost been more than 2 months since the time someone broke my heart and I thought I won’t recover at all. But as they say, until you try it, you would never know.. And it’s also a personal choice if you really want to leave the past behind.

At first, it was really hard especially if the reason for break up is cheating. But everything really happens for a reason. God is so amazing that He let me met someone who would mend my broken heart and make it like brand new.

This person is so kind and pure-hearted, and he really makes me happy. We laugh our asses off and don’t care at all how we look like while teasing each other. Each moment with him is so light and fun.. No dull moments everytime I am with him.

He has this aura of maturity and wisdom that made me want to know him more as we went out on our dates. He will always put you on a pedestal and treat you like a queen. He knows how to say sorry if necessary and he stands on his decisions too.

It is too early to look far ahead in the future, but as what we told each other, we just have to enjoy each moment together as if it was our last. Enjoy the present and the future will take care of its own. We are happy with each other and I am savoring each time as we both are too busy with our work.

I am contented and I feel at ease with him.. I don’t have to pretend that I am okay with everything and be myself..

I am not saying he is already the one but I am hoping he will be. And I know he wants it too.

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