That Hurt..

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. It is much better if the other half is feeling the same way too. You both experience the ecstasy and the beauty of love.

But sometimes, being in love is not enough. You need to still have that part of you not in love with the person. It’s like the Devil’s Advocate of your feelings. Something that would remind you when it is enough and when to stop.

I always have this intuition, like a sixth sense. An early detection, that something is not quite right.. No matter how I tried to brush it off, it still lingers and it keeps on reminding me to listen to it. Well, it never failed me up to this moment.

Having that ‘sixth’ sense helps me cope with different situations. Though I always trust people fully, I still have that defense mechanism.  I may be hurt a lot by the situation but knowing that I knew it would happen even before it happens makes it easier for me to understand things. It’s kinda weird but I can’t explain it. It’s like you know this person will hurt you eventually but you are still giving him a benefit of the doubt. And when he hurt you, you would cry but later would say, “I knew this would happen”.

Having a good friend by your side who doesn’t need to say anything means a lot too. Her support makes the burden lighter and accompanied by a few cries here and there lifts up the pain. A friend who doesn’t judge you or tell you what to do but instead gives you options or lays out the possibilities of my decisions.

Being positive in life should be the focus once you decided to move on. Telling yourself the reasons why you deserve to be happy and not to be sad.

I don’t know why am I writing this but I guess it helps me forget my worries. It helps me to release stress now. I am worthy to be loved. I am God’s little girl. I am special.

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