It hurts like hell I want to die
I trusted you my life but tell me why
You lied to me and what is worse
You made me feel it was all my fault.

I knew it all along but remained calm
Playing with my heart in your own palm
I thought you will change if I showed you kindness
But instead, you returned it all with sadness.

I don’t want to ask myself what I did wrong
Because I know I did my best all along
Loving you with all my heart unconditionally
Putting your best interest as always be.

I know my worth, I am special.
I will not let myself be treated like an animal
I will be strong, I will make it through
My God is here to save me as He always does..

That Hurt..

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. It is much better if the other half is feeling the same way too. You both experience the ecstasy and the beauty of love.

But sometimes, being in love is not enough. You need to still have that part of you not in love with the person. It’s like the Devil’s Advocate of your feelings. Something that would remind you when it is enough and when to stop. Continue reading That Hurt..

My Life in Qatar

It will be six months tomorrow when Rai and I first stepped on this middle eastern country. A lot of things happened and it was like a 360° turn for both us. Everything was life-changing.

First, we are newbies when it comes to travelling abroad. Rai only had her first out of the country last year in Malaysia and me in Thailand so we are not that much acquainted with different cultures and people. Continue reading My Life in Qatar