A Loud And Pampered Lady — Guedy Del Rio..

She’s too loud..

She loves to share her faith.

Hitting others is so natural to her just like breathing when she’s excited.

She is Maria Agueda Duque Del Rio.

I’ve known her for 3 years now and though just like me, she is one of the oldest in our group, she acts like she is the youngest. Well, she is a pampered lady in her own family. She always gets what she wants.

But just like a kid, immature as we may say, but she also shows the strength and will of a young person. Determined to get whatever she wanted and will stand by it no matter what. She doesn’t like showing weakness to others.

We may always have some misunderstandings due to a clash of our differences, we have lots of common traits as well. We still end up as being close friends and sisters even if now are apart. She now works in Eastwood and has never met each other since she resigned in January. But still keeping the lines open through text and social media.

Today is your day Agueda, and now, you are already 30! Nyahaha! Welcome to the world of single women in their 30s! Let’s not lose hope and keep the faith!


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