Birthday Countdown..

Haist! I’ll be 31 in exactly a month from now!

Though I don’t mind getting older every year (it’s part of life you know, you can’t escape from it), but still, there are things I hope won’t pass by so quickly.. People or feelings I wish would just stay forever.. But just like age, the other thing constant is change..

Hmmm.. Any plans before the big day? Nope..

Just like the previous years, nothing planned in particular.. It’s just another day for me aside from the additional greetings and teasing for beer and party.. Nope.. I won’t budge even if you push harder peeps! Bwahaha!

Raissa, my co-worker and friend, and I, always have a small pizza party for our teams during our birthdays.. She celebrates her birthday a week prior to mine, so we usually hold our pizza party in between.. Last year, we had a Japanese-Italian themed gathering — several boxes of pizza and mojos, cakes together with sushis and makis..

Now, we still don’t have plans on what we would bring for our birthdays but we will surely have to do something.. It has been a tradition at the office though it’s one of those pocket-wrecking moment.. Nyahaha..


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