Wedding Daydreams..

April 2014.. Can’t believe that in a few months, another year will be added to my age.. I’ll be 31 soon.. Though my birthday will still be in September, I still can’t help but think that I’ll be out of the calendar days.. And unfortunately, still single..



I don’t know.. I can’t say I am longing for the day for me to meet that special someone or seeing myself walk down the aisle, but I find myself looking at pictures of wedding dresses or motifs (I definitely would choose black and gray! Hehe!).. Maybe because of my age? I don’t know..

I have been imagining how my wedding would look like — the songs during the entourage, the Church where it will be held, vintage or classic themed or even the pre-nuptial photos! But there’s one thing I can’t see or imagine yet, the face of my groom.. Haha! Honestly, I just brush it off when my imagination goes to how my groom would look like..


In this day and age, wedding is now a luxury instead of a necessity.. Especially church weddings.. Couples now prefer to just be married in a civil ceremony or just cohabitate.. They say, it’s just a waste of money and effort.. And saying that most couples who even got married end up separated.. That marriage (relationship) itself is much more important than the wedding (ceremony).. That a day of celebration is too superficial compared to a lifetime of companionship and responsibilities..

But for me, it is also important.. Especially to a woman like me.. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to walk down the aisle and have my father hand me over to my husband-to-be shouldn’t be missed.. To have our marriage be blessed by God and to be witnessed by all those people dear to us..


I guess this may sound too cliche, but it is every little girl’s dream.. To be a princess and be treated as a princess even for a day.. To experience being held and protected by her prince and shown to the whole world how she is loved (Awwwww… So sweet!)


Anyway, for now, I’ll just be contented daydreaming about my wedding.. With no assurance if it’ll still happen in the future or not anymore.. My clock continues ticking, and it’s moving fast.. I am losing hope and meeting that someone is like seeing light at the end of the tunnel — getting weaker and weaker as I go deeper into the darkness..


But let’s see.. I might meet him one of these days.. I still believe in destiny and having Serendipity as my fave film, I guess, the idea’s still there.. But I also have to work for it.. According to Bo Sanchez’s book Finding Your One True Love — “Take responsibility in finding your one true love”. I have to take action as well and not just wait until my time is up.. 😛

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