Never So Far — Hazel Block..

She is always there to give us an advice.. She is the youngest among our group but she scolds us as if she is the oldest.. Well, based on experiences in life, we really think, she may have gone farther than what we have.. She has been through life’s difficult trials and successfully conquered them..


At 26, I can say that her maturity is incomparable to us, like, she’s already in her mid-30s.. Well, we knew that having Draye really pushed her maturity in full blast as well as being the elder daughter of a single mom..

Being her friend for two years, she proved to be a true and trusted friend.. She never hesitates in telling what’s right and what’s wrong and her opinions.. She has her own understanding of things and she’ll take a stand..

Recently, she made a very big change on her life — going to Canada for the first time and will be living there from now on.. Leaving her mom, sister, nephew, son Draye and hubby Rye.. Spending her first birthday last February 3 away from them.. But definitely, she faced it with much courage and said that she is doing it for their own sake and her future..

We miss her so much but because of the help of technology, we are now able to get in touch with her through emails, calls, video calls in Skype and Viber.. Though they are not enough but still, it makes us be closer to her..

I, we, love Hazie so much and though we hope that we’ll see her again, we of course hope for the best for her to fulfill her dreams in Canada..


February is your month girl!

We love you gurl! Good luck! And see you soon!

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