Spark, Magic and Love…

Take me to your heart,
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love..

All the stars are right,
Every wish is ours tonight, my love..

Pity those who wait,
Trusting love to fate
Finding out too late that they’ve lost it..

Never letting go,
They will never know the ways of love..

Got to believe in magic
Tell me how two people find each other
In a world that’s full of strangers..

You’ve got to believe in magic
Something stronger than the moon above
‘Cause it’s magic when two people fall in love..

I may never know,
Why I need you so
All I need to know is this feeling..

Handle it with care,
We were born to share this dream my love..

I guess everyone knows that this is a song by David Pomeranz titled Got To Believe.. Yes, it has been running through my mind for days now.. Maybe the local show of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla having the same title adds up to the retention of the song on my mind..

Is it really like magic? Having two people, total strangers, meet and fall in love? Is it really destiny that made them finally bumped to each other and fall to each other’s arms?

I have written before about films having this kind of themes — destiny, kismet, fate, serendipity — whatever you call it.. I am still amazed whenever I see those films and wonder if the same applies to me.. That someday, out from nowhere, I’ll meet that person whom I am destined with..

I am also curious if people really believe in “love at first sight” or if people believe that love develops and blooms as you get to know the other person more..

I asked two of my good friends (a guy and a lady), which they do believe in — “love at first sight” or “love that developed and bloomed”.. One is currently single and the other is engaged.. And it kinda amazed me of their answers and opinion on this..


Hazel, Engaged“I don’t believe in love at first sight.. It still boils down to personality.. Beauty fades but a good personality remains until the end.. Love at first sight is just superficial..”


Dino, Single — “It’s not really love at first sight but more of an attraction, an interest.. Of course, if you meet someone, there are times that it’ll spark an interest for you to know the person more.. So, you’ll try to get close to the person, befriend her and see if you two could be a match.. For me, as I understand with love that developed and bloomed, you started out as being friends and then eventually feelings developed into more than friends..”

Two different opinions yet both of them have a point.. Maybe “love at first sight” is too shallow and can’t be called love but merely an attraction at first.. A spark.. Then from there is where the magic starts..

But then again.. We could still consider it magical since in this world of 7.1 B people, two souls found their match whom they’ll be able to spend forever.. Hehehe.. Soul mates..

So, it will start with spark, an interest to this person which would push you to get to know them more.. Then, if both have similarities, it becomes magical that they started to compliment each other.. Not knowing that, the spark became magical then blossomed to becoming love.. 🙂

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