Beer + Karaoke = Best Way To Unwind

There are days that you just wanted to go out and eat somewhere.. For some, drinking and singing make it more unforgettable.. Definitely, for Deejei, yes, he loves to sing karaoke while drinking beer..

Last Friday, Deej just suddenly asked if anyone would like to join him to kill time at RJ’s.. He had to wait until around 9AM to pass his son Aedn’s baby pics to be included at the hospital’s 2014 calendar.. I, at the same time, was going to a government agency to process something so I decided to come.. Red also said he would be coming after finishing some work.. And Dino, for some unknown reasons (he usually runs immediately towards the door once the clock hits 6AM), also joined us..

We immediately left the office and rode our way to RJ’s Bulalohan near Mandaluyong City Hall.. First thing Deej did was to look for the song book and ordered beer — Colt45 for him and Dino had Red Horse.. They didn’t want to order a bucket since they said they didn’t want to feel the pressure of finishing the bottles lined up before them.. Hahaha!! What the!!??

Anyway, I just ordered Tapsilog because I was too hungry and I don’t really drink.. Seldom that I would drink, I don’t know but only if I feel like drinking then, I’d empty a bottle.. That time wasn’t..

First song entered was from Dino — Cupid by 112.. Not so familiar with the RnB song but heard it somewhere before.. And since Deej wasn’t familiar of it too, Dino had no choice but to sing it himself.. It was followed by I’ll be of Edwin McCain and some more.. I also entered some of my fave songs and sang a few as well.. Even had a duet singing A Whole New World!! Aarrrgghhh..

Well, a few more songs and some more bottles for them and we really did enjoy it.. Red texted me he could no longer join us but even just the three of us, it was fun.. I already knew Deej when he gets tipsy but I saw a little of Dino’s other side as well.. Guys really look funny and cute when they get tipsy (and I mean tipsy, not drunk!).. They started talking, laughing or just say anything or do some funny antics.. Haha! I stopped them when I thought they had enough already — three bottles for Deej and four for Dino.. I didn’t want to drag them and bring them home because they couldn’t manage to do it on their own.. Hehehe..

But hey, I did enjoy it seeing the two of them bond for the first time.. Hope I could see it again in the future.. Oh, by the way, here are some of their pictures:

Deej singing..
Dino singing..

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