The Conjuring — Worth Every Gasp..


I just finished watching The Conjuring using my LG Optimus Vu.. I had the opportunity to watch it in a bigger screen but I preferred to use my earphones to take advantage of the Dolby Surround capability of my 5.3″ phone and the 4:3 view.. Hehe..

Actually, I heard a lot about the movie from my colleagues and told me that it’s a nice film since it doesn’t only tackle about the hauntings but also the Catholic faith because of the participation of the Warren couple who are demonologists and devout Catholics..

The film itself is not that overly scary if you are one person who will be looking for those gory scenes or frightening ghosts or monsters (well, there are some like the scene above).. But mostly, you will be taken away by fear because of the great sound effects and eerie appearance of the inside of the house..

[I really couldn’t understand why most people abroad like darker lighting and don’t like turning them on.. Even if it’s not a horror movie, they prefer not having the lights on unlike here in the Philippines.. Well, we were told here that dark areas invite dark entities so better make sure your house is well-lighted.. It also promotes positive energy for the family..]

Anyway, I screamed a lot on this movie because of how the director made those perfectly timed jaw-dropping, blood-curling scenes.. Also, the actors and actresses did really good on portraying each and every character in the story.. I felt that I was there with them especially in the bedroom when Christine and Nancy were being disturbed by the entity.. It felt so real and scared me to death waiting which scene will catch me by surprise..

Also, it made me feel proud being a Catholic since it showed some aspects of my faith like the exorcism and the types of dusturbances–infestation, oppression and possession.. It also teaches that no matter how happy your family is, God should be included in your daily lives no matter what religion or faith you choose.. It helps keep away ungodly presence since you are protected.. The Perrons were not atheists I think but they had put God behind which made them too vurnerable for those things.. Not having their kids baptised made them super vurnerable..

[Believe me guys, faith really changes everything and makes your outlook in life positive..]

I read some about Ed and Lorraine Warren and I found out that they are great paranormal investigators (Ed already passed away few years ago) and before they could comment about a house being haunted, they made sure that all areas were turned upside down.. But of course there were also those very much controversial ones like the Amityville house.. I even had the opportunity to speak to someone who have been living right across the house in Ocean Avenue when I was still working for a bank.. The lady said she was skeptical and all because, though media is stating that nobody could live in the house for more than a couple of months after the shooting incident, she said the current occupants of the house have been there for more than 2 decades with no issues.. Well, maybe the hauntings were gone after so many attempts of cleansing the area..

Going back, if you want a good scare, I recommend this movie.. Director James Wan and the cast were great and I think this movie will also be a classic and will be written down in history as one of the best horror movies..

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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. Hey, it’s a horror movie that actually scared me a bit. Always a positive in my book.

    1. No cgi effects or whatsoever.. It was done just like a classic horror movie should be.. thanks for the comment!

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