Smurf-ie Friday Night..

Me and my friends, Ben and Hazel, just wanted to go downstairs to buy something from MiniStop.. But since Ben loves walking, he urged us to go to Banchetto (night food market), and see what we could get from there..

When we weren’t able to find anything, he suggested that we should all go to McDonald’s, and have Bubblegum Sundaes.. Hazel immediately agreed to it but I was a little hesitant since I am currently down with colds and eating sundae could worsen it but still, I budged in..

Well, they didn’t have any Bubblegum Sundaes anymore so we ended up getting Blueberry Sundaes instead, which was good, I’d say.. It wasn’t too sweet as I was expecting..

Anyway–anytime, anywhere with friends always means fun!


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