Those Final Words..

I asked a friend what would he feel if he is sent to a room – no windows, no furniture, only a bright light and all is painted white. He answered me he would be scared and panicky since there are no windows and the bright light makes him think of the phrase ‘going to the light’, in short–death.

He was right. The situation reveals your own perception about death. I tried to remember my answer when I was asked the same question. I think I answered being calm and peaceful. Yeah, I think that was it.

I see death, not as something we should be scared of. Death is inevitable. All will die and the time it’ll happen is the only thing that makes a difference. Most people think, just like my friend, that they are afraid to die, but the truth is, they aren’t. They are only afraid to leave their loved ones behind.

If you have experienced seeing a loved one on her deathbed and was fighting for her life, all of your understanding about life and death will change.. You’ll see life as something too short and death as something you can’t run away from.

You’ll learn that whatever you have now is just borrowed, and once He asks it to be returned, you’ll realize you have no control over as to how He would take it back and when. That even in your sleep, you may not reach the time you have to wake up.. Acceptance of these things will make life easier to live in..

Before the time comes that we have to return to our Creator, we should make every day as if it’s our last. Cherish each moment and connect with your loved ones by not being afraid to show your emotions, your love for them.

I read on one of Father Orbos’ Moments books when he went through an operation and couldn’t talk for some time, he realized that there are only a few words we need to say to show appreciation to everyone and are enough to say everything.


Thank you for all the blessings we have received and continue to receive. Thank you to all those who love us no matter who we are and what we’ve been through. Thank you that we are still able to see each and every day with a smile on our faces.

I am sorry for those times I have hurt anyone’s feelings. I am sorry whenever I neglect my duties just to do another unimportant thing. I am sorry if I have not loved enough.

I love you.. Just because I do..


Say it now, say it when you still can.. Say it now when they can still hear you. God has been so good that He gave us one thing we should always treasure– TIME. We should use it wisely when you can still grasp it in your hands.

Before they become your final and only words.

**Feature Image by Pexels

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