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Updates 08/28/2014:

Hi Guys! I have received several messages and comments about this and lots of people are interested, also, I found another interesting thing..

I am providing you another option if you are located anywhere in the world except in the Philippines. My co-worker is already taking up hers and she is already in her 2nd level of this ladderized program.

Please check out — http://www.accaglobal.com/us/en.html, though it is a little bit costly as it would cost you around $131 for the registration and $115 for the exam, it is still very convenient for those people who wants to study and at the same time earn a living..


Everyone really desires to finish their college degree, and I am one of them.. I would really want to finish my course (BS Accountancy), however, if ever I would still pursue this, I have to stop working and concentrate on my studies.. We all know that Accountancy is never easy and one has to focus in order to understand each and every lesson.

I have several options in fulfilling my goal, I just have to decide which one is most beneficial for me.. One that would not compromise both my work and studies..

First option: Enter an Open University.

                I have two prospects for this – UP and PUP. Though studying through an open university is the most convenient for me, the program choices are so limited. Either I’ll have Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies at the University of the Philippines or take Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Second option: Take the ETEEAP of CHED

                ETEEAP or Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program of CHED is an educational assessment scheme which recognizes knowledge, skill and prior learning attained by individuals from non-formal and informal educational experiences. I have to submit documents to prove that I have been working long enough and I have attained certain knowledge and skills relevant to the program I am applying for. Hmmm, the only problem with this is, how should the program go? Will it be typical classroom setup learning? I have to attend school regularly or a certain number of school days required?

Third option: Non-Traditional Studies Program

                Almost the same with ETEEAP but this one is just offered at PUP.  NTSP is a self-study program wherein the student’s educational background, work experiences, and achievements are evaluated and accredited through a rating system that leads to the completion of an undergraduate and graduate degree. Facilitators will just provide you the modules and other materials and you’ll have to do it on your own. So I am thinking this is almost the same as studying online?

Arrrrgghhh!!! I’m still undecided but I’m leaning towards option 3.. At least, if it is not the usual classroom setup, I won’t be tired at work.. Also, they have several courses offered, though, they don’t have BS Mathematics, at least they have BS Banking and Finance.. Numbers still ♥..

I guess I can only survive studying if there will be numbers involved.. Nope, not money, that would be a headache.. Numbers, meaning, equations and calculations.. It’s like playing scavenger hunt and I have to find the answers by using the formula provided..

Anyway, I have lots on my mind these past few days and this one added makes me want to puke to release all the stress.. Whew! One thing that gives me relief is to think that it is already Saturday—two days of rest, which I definitely will spend wisely—sleeping and eating.. Hahaha!

Well, If you are from the Philippines and an undergraduate, you may check the links below and see if you want to finish studies through them:


ETEEAP (PUP)http://www.pup.edu.ph/ETEEAPNonTrad/ETEEAP.aspx

PUP Open Universityhttp://www.pup.edu.ph/OU/Programs.aspx

UP Open Universityhttp://www2.upou.edu.ph/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38&Itemid=35

 Happy weekend peeps!

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Jione Donnery S Palma says:

    Go go go! Good luck! St Ignatius was like this too.. He was the OLDEST guy in university but he did it for God!

    1. Yes..Hopefully.. I’ll do that as well then enter a convent.. Hahaha!!

  2. Letty says:

    Hi, we’re on the same page. I’m contemplating on getting a degree via ETEEAP. But i really don’t how it will work for an OFW like me. Do you have any idea what is best for me?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I think if you take any of these programs, they still have one or two days of meet ups.. I think.. Not so sure.. I’ll ask around about this and get back to you.. I’m still gathering info because same as you, though I’m here in the Phils, its hard to attend classroom setup learning.. Thanks again for dropping by.. I’ll definitely get an answer to your query!

    2. Rubel Monreal says:

      Hi ,

      Ask ko lang if you were able to start getting a degree through Eteeap while working abroad?


      1. Hi! Thanks for reading!

        As far as I know, you can get a degree even if you are abroad though some requires you to attend once or twice na classroom set up.. I have a better option for you in which my co-worker is taking up.. It’s ladderized so you can take a few modules at a time and then take the exam if you think you can do it na.. My co-worker is already done with the first level and already took the exam and she passed! She’s taking up Diploma in Accounting and Business.. Just try to check this link — http://www.accaglobal.com/us/en.html, it’s a little bit costly but okay naman sya and you’ll get an internationally recognized degree.. 79GBP (Pounds) or $130.94 for the registration and then the exam depends on your level but hers is GBP69 or $114.37.

        Just tell me if you do have other questions about it and I’ll answer them for you.. 🙂


      2. Also, anyone anywhere in the world can take this ladderized program as long as you have good internet connection para sa modules.. Exams are taken in a particular location na preferred mo at malapit sayo.. My co-worker took hers sa Singapore though ang mali nya di nya nakita na meron pala dito sa Philippines.. Hehehe..

    3. Hi Letty!

      Please check out this site — http://www.accaglobal.com/us/en.html

      My co-worker is taking up a ladderized program here and you can take this kahit nasaan ka sa mundo..

  3. paul says:

    Good eve,
    I only need 2subjects to finish my course pero ndi nman aq ngtatagal jn s pinas. May alam kb n school n pwede mg transfer then tru online nlng? Or ung eteeap or nstp is better. Please guide me.
    Thanks a lot…

    1. paul says:

      I forgot to say bs computer engineering yung course ko… Thanks

      1. Hi paul.. As far I know, you really have to get your ToR to be able to transfer to another school tapos they’ll have to check if they will credit yun mga subjects mo.. The only thing na possible is to contact yung school mo mismo to check if they can offer you the remaining subjects online or have other arrangement na convenient sayo.. If 2 subjects na lang, I won’t suggest to enter those I mentioned above kasi baka may hindi ma-credit.. Sayang.. Atsaka, wala kasing CompEng na inooffer dun sa mga options na online eh.. Hope this helps..

      2. paul says:

        Thank for your response sem, The problem is, they dont accept online, I already got my TOR. I am looking for a school that can credit my subjects and offer it online. I saw several schools that offering same course yun nga lang ndi ko alam kung nag aacept sila ng online. Thanks again

      3. Hope you can find a school that would credit all your subjects and can offer you the remaining subjects online.. Here kasi only few universities offer online education eh tapos limited courses pa.. Just keep me posted if you found one.. God bless!

  4. Vine says:

    Hi there!
    I finished Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management but I was teaching (tutoring) in China for almost three years. Gus2 ko na I pursue yun teaching. Ano ang mas OK n program for me? Thanks.

    1. Hi po!

      Thanks for checking out my post. Actually, it’s your lucky day! UP Open University is now offering an undergraduate program –> Bachelor of Education Studies. If you are still abroad, you can still take this program as all methods of teaching is online..

      Please do check out their website for this program –>> http://www2.upou.edu.ph/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=399%3Abes&catid=4&Itemid=35

      Hope this helps! Goodluck!


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