Office Work Is Fun!!!

Having theme days at work is fun and cute.. Hehe.. Today, International Day is on, and our department is tasked to represent Belgium.. The whole floor is decorated with anything Belgian.. And we have to wear one of the colors of the Belgian flag–Red, Yellow or Black.. It would have been better for me if our team wears Black but they said it’s Yellow..

Anyway, yellow is a happy color and since Deej brought his Yellow Ray-Ban, we took photos using it!! Cute!!


The Conjuring — Worth Every Gasp..


I just finished watching The Conjuring using my LG Optimus Vu.. I had the opportunity to watch it in a bigger screen but I preferred to use my earphones to take advantage of the Dolby Surround capability of my 5.3″ phone and the 4:3 view.. Hehe..

Actually, I heard a lot about the movie from my colleagues and told me that it’s a nice film since it doesn’t only tackle about the hauntings but also the Catholic faith because of the participation of the Warren couple who are demonologists and devout Catholics.. Continue reading The Conjuring — Worth Every Gasp..

Starbucks Gift Card

Finally got my own Starbucks Card!!

For just Php300 (around $7), you can get your own Starbucks Card and use the same amount to purchase your favorite beverage and earn your stars.. And once you registered, you will be rewarded a Grande drink of your choice plus a treat on your birth month.. Isn’t it nice!?

And every time you present your card for purchases, you’ll earn your stars wherein once you reached 12 stars, you can redeem it for your fave beverage.. You can also earn stars by buying coffee beans and VIA.. Aaawwww… That’s why I love Starbucks!!


Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Priest, Martyr (1894 – 1941)

Today is his Feast Day..


He was born on 8 January 1894 in occupied Poland: he joined the Franciscans in Lwów in 1910, and was ordained eight years later, as his country became free and independent for the first time in over 120 years.

He believed that the world was passing through a time of intense spiritual crisis, and that Christians must fight for the world’s salvation with all the means of modern communication. He founded a newspaper, and a sodality called the Knights of Mary Immaculate, which spread widely both in Poland and abroad.

In 1927 he founded a community, a “city of Mary,” at Teresin: centred round the Franciscan friary, it attracted many lay people, and became self-supporting, publishing many periodicals and running its own radio station.

In 1930 he went to Japan, studied Buddhism and Shintoism, and through the Japanese edition of his newspaper spread the Christian message in a way that was in harmony with Japanese culture. In Nagasaki, he set up a “Garden of the Immaculate,” which survived the atomic bomb.

He also travelled to Malabar and to Moscow, but was recalled to Poland in 1936 for reasons of health.

When the Germans invaded in 1939, the community at Teresin sheltered thousands of refugees, most of them Jews.

In 1941 he was arrested and sent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz, where he helped and succoured the inmates. In August of that year a prisoner escaped, and in reprisal the authorities were choosing ten people to die by starvation. One of the men had a family, and Maximilian Kolbe offered to take his place. The offer was accepted, and he spent his last days comforting his fellow prisoners.

The man he saved was present at his canonization.

Maximilian Kolbe’s martyrdom is the least important thing about him. We are none of us likely to find ourselves in a position to emulate his sacrifice, and speculation as to the heroic way in which we would have behaved in his place is a pernicious waste of time. What is important is that he acted the way he did because of who he was – or, rather, because of who he had become. It is because of who he had become that we revere him as a saint: he would have been a saint (though perhaps not canonized) even if he had not been martyred. And that process of becoming is something we can all emulate. We can all become people for whom doing the right thing is obvious, natural, and easy. It requires no heroism, no special gifts: just perseverance, and prayer.

That Leap Of Faith..

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first, the trust part comes later..”


How many of us have been doubting ourselves if we could do a certain task or if we will succeed in the end? How many people don’t even try something because they immediately think they’ll fail?

The answer is–most of us, including me. Continue reading That Leap Of Faith..

Smurf-ie Friday Night..

Me and my friends, Ben and Hazel, just wanted to go downstairs to buy something from MiniStop.. But since Ben loves walking, he urged us to go to Banchetto (night food market), and see what we could get from there..

When we weren’t able to find anything, he suggested that we should all go to McDonald’s, and have Bubblegum Sundaes.. Hazel immediately agreed to it but I was a little hesitant since I am currently down with colds and eating sundae could worsen it but still, I budged in..

Well, they didn’t have any Bubblegum Sundaes anymore so we ended up getting Blueberry Sundaes instead, which was good, I’d say.. It wasn’t too sweet as I was expecting..

Anyway–anytime, anywhere with friends always means fun!