Time goes by so fast…

 Am I just in a dream or is this really happening? It just seemed yesterday that I had my 29th birthday, my mom’s 6th death anniversary and Christmas.. And now, I’m turning 30, my mom’s 7th death anniversary is approaching and the tremendous spending time of Christmas again!?

 What have had happened in the past year that I may have missed? Mistakes I made and lessons I learned from them? I should remember some and then tell myself that I spent another year wisely.

 In this fast-paced life, every opportunity, every chance we encounter, we should grab and use it to the best way possible..

 Every emotion, every feelings, every drop of love should be cherished and kept in our hearts as once a moment passed by without you noticing it, it’s gone forever..

 Until now, the feelings of my childhood remains and I still feel like a little kid clinging to the arms of whoever I have beside me.. Wanting to be taken care of and pampered with so much love that I don’t want to leave that comfort zone.. I know I should have left it a long time ago, journeyed on my own and learn the pains and sufferings of this battlefield they call life..

 I tried to test the waters and dipped my feet a few number of times.. Took courage and jumped onto the unknown but returned broken and wounded like a soldier who charged without having his armor and sword.. Left to die but was given another chance to face the world again with more courage and strength..

 But that doesn’t seem to be the case.. The soldier was so wounded that it reached the depths of her soul and released a thick blanket of protection over her heart and mind.. Clothed with this protection, the soldier feels the comfort of staying on the safer side of life.. Doing nothing, waiting for nothing, pretending it’s nothing.. And with this, another year had passed without her noticing it..

 Yes, she didn’t feel any pain at all and wasn’t hurt at all.. But is that it? Should she be happy that she didn’t experience them? Should her heart be rejoicing that it wasn’t taken and returned broken? Is this one reason for a celebration?

 If this is an assessment test on how well I played the game in the battlefield—definitely, I failed.

 As I turn another leaf in this book of life, I’m facing a great challenge whether to stay in my comfort zone or go out there and bravely join the battlefield. I know I have gained my armor and sword but I am still lacking that courage to move forward.. I need a leap of faith..

 Whether to leap or not, whether someone will catch me there or none.. We still don’t know.. Nobody knows..

 And the clock is ticking fast..

 My time is running out..

 I have to make a decision now.. Should the soldier stay put? Or should she move forward?

Oh, the soldier answered – “I still have 45 days left, let me still enjoy where I am..”  ;-P

Jione Donnery Palma — My Brother In Christ..

Deej, as I fondly call him, is just like any other ordinary Am-Boy at first look.. Speaks fluent English, dyed hair, confidence overload–a typical Filipino guy who came from the US.. But I can definitely say to you people, this is one amazing soul..

A person who experienced the life of so-called “The American Dream”, he chose to go back to his motherland Philippines and reconnect to his roots.. Though after 3 years of continuous stay he still has problems with his Tagalog, Deej, reaches out to anyone using his heart and soul..

As a Catholic, he shares Jesus in a very knowledgeable but compassionate way.. He’s the person who encouraged me to renew my Faith and helped me all the way.. He saw me laughed out loud but also saw me cried and poured out my emotions but never judged me..

A family man who loves his wifey Ads, and his kiddo (my godson!!) Aedn, more than himself.. He puts God and their faith to the center of his family which makes them stronger and happier..

He loses his temper sometimes, mostly to people with authority (Police, Guards, MMDAs), I don’t know why, but still tries to understand them and see the situation in a different light..

A friend who will not leave you and not hold your hand but instead lead you to Jesus’ hands for comfort..

I truly appreciate your presence in my life as a good friend and guide as I walk in this temporary path called life..

Happy Birthday Deejei!!